Appleton Coated
Mill Tour Video

Over the length of a football field, Appleton Coated's Number 7 paper machine churns out ream after ream of quality coated paper, all day, every day—from pulp to paper in a whopping 13 seconds. If that's not a story worth telling, I'm not sure what is.

A paper mill is a fascinating beast, but it's also a tough place to conduct a walkthrough with 12 potential clients. Because of this, Appleton Coated had already produced a video that allowed them to tour the mill with clients without passing out safety specs. But that was over ten years ago. That's eons in business terms. When potential customers visit Appleton Coated's Combined Locks, Wisconsin paper mill, they'd better be impressed.

These are big accounts—publishers, nationally-distributing printers—they're eagle-eyed proofers and press checkers, who know quality when they see it. So every day it was becoming more and more apparent to Appleton Coated that their existing video presentation was unable to consistently impress those scrutinizing eyes. It was time for an upgrade. That's where Ark Media Group came into the picture.

Working closely with Ferk√≥ Goldinger and Appleton Coated's award-winning advertising and promotions team, we helped to finalize the script, planned the shots and then spent a few days capturing "tasty shots and sweet jibs"—Ferk√≥'s words, not ours—from every nook, cranny and vantage point we could find. If we could get a camera there, we shot it.

Combined with skillful editing, dynamic motion graphics, immersive sound and a professional, distinguished, "movie-trailer-guy" voice performance, the new Appleton Coated Mill Tour video is such a big step up from its predecessor, you almost need to stretch before you watch it.

The result is visually stunning—projected in full high definition at the mill or taken out on Blu-ray and DVD whenever the sales team hits the pavement. It's a comprehensive, educational video that not only shows Appleton Coated as the leader and innovator they've always been, but consistently helps to seal the deal with high-profile new business.