Fox Communities Credit Union
We’re Listening Campaign

Here's the thing. A credit union is a credit union, right? There are only so many ways you can find to say, 'Our rates are better.' So the question is, how can one little credit union show the world how different they are from the financial masses?


We launched a different kind of campaign for Fox Communities Credit Union—one in which they no longer compete solely on the logic-based level of "better rates and terms", but by identifying emotional connection points to their members. This campaign was built around the personal, intangible, member-centric attitude that has defined Fox from the very beginning—people helping people.

The framing and shot selection is handheld and intimate—often reminiscent of home movies. We captured real people in real situations—a father playing with his children, the simple comfort of a cup of coffee in your very own home, a teenage girl grinning ear to ear as she starts up her first car.

The visual style and the scenes that play out before us create that emotional connection by showing the viewer that Fox understands what's important in your life, why you go to the credit union in the first place. It shows that Fox doesn't see you as another product in the portfolio. It boldly declares that Fox is listening.