St. Joseph's Community Foundation
Generations of Giving Donor Wall


St. Joseph's Community Foundation, a member of Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, needed to create donor walls for the facilities they so generously support. But knowing that most donor walls merely collect dust on the wall, they needed to create something interactive that would really engage the people who visit their centers of care and communicate a message of thankfulness without blowing the budget.

Ark Media Group developed a method to bring the primary functions of multi-touch interaction, swipe up and down or side to side, to a single-touch priced solution through an innovative use of JQuery Mobile, allowing users to interact in similar fashion to an iPad or tablet.

We designed beautiful navigation to complement the foundation’s content and their brand and deliver the content to both the Kraemer Cancer Center and St. Joseph's Hospital donor wall systems from our secure FTP.

The most important benefit of the system though, is that it provides a non-disruptive audio visual experience by using directional holosonic loudspeaker technology. The sound is precisely focused on the viewer without anyone else in the space hearing a sound, providing a private viewing experience in a public space.